History for Everyone

(History for Everyone)

– ISSN 1318-2498 (Printed edition)
– ISSN 2630-4325 (Online edition)

Publisher: Zgodovinsko društvo Celje (The Historical Society of Celje)

Editor-in-Chief: dr. Borut Batagelj

Board of Editors:

  • dr. Borut Batagelj
  • dr. Bojan Cvelfar
  • dr. Dragica Čeč
  • dr. Jure Gašparič
  • dr. Tone Kregar
  • dr. Jurij Perovšek
  • dr. Marija Počivavšek
  • dr. Ludwig Steindorff
  • dr. Hrvoje Petrić
  • dr. Andrej Studen
  • dr. Aleksander Žižek

Editorial Offices:

Zgodovinsko društvo Celje, Prešernova 17, 3000 Celje
Phone: +386 3 42 86 420
Faks: +386 3 42 86 411

Financial support: Ministrstvo za kulturo Republike Slovenije, Javna agencija za raziskovalno dejavnost Republike Slovenije and Mestna občina Celje.

The new Slovene historical journal, Zgodovina za vse (History for Everyone), concentrates on historical anthropology and deals with topics within the history of everyday life, as well as with history from below or the history of ordinary people. Its special quality is the revival of narrative.

The journal has three parts. The first is comprised of a section for real life stories and articles which are in line with the general orientation of the journal. The criteria for contributions are an academic approach supported by a rich critical apparatus in a narrative style which is neither dull nor plain. The second part is comprised of discussions concerning the theory of history as well as various polemics, while the third offers reviews of books dealing with issues and topics related to the journal’s content.

Undoubtedly, the most distinctive characteristic of Zgodovina za vse is the revival of narrative. The articles are discernible by their detailed narratives or description (i.e. thick descriptions). This is so-called “modern narrative” which contemporary historians, influenced by the findings and results of anthropology, contrast with more traditional narrative characterized as “thin description”. Thorough and detailed case studies of various phenomena from the Slovene past from complex articles which, according to the methodology and technique they deploy, can be characterized as microhistory or micronarrative – the history of every-day life, the history of mentality, as well as the history of civilisation, habits and customs.

With respect to the above mentioned paradigmatic orientation, the journal is on par with similar historical periodical in Europe. The articles are complemented with fairly long German summaries and shorter Slovene and English abstracts.

The journal Zgodovina za vse was not only welcomed by professional historians, students of history and other humanities, but received a favourable reception by the general public as well.

The journal is published biannually in 297 x 210 mm format and runs approximately 100 to 120 pages. Contributions from authors and readers who are interested in themes and concepts common to our own and feel a need to write or read this kind of history are most welcome.