Year of establishment: 1979

President: dr. Aleksander Žižek
Vice-President: dr. Marija Počivavšek
Number of members: 104

The Historical Society Celje is a professional organization of professional historians, experts from other social sciences branches and history lovers.

Bodies of society: executive committee, supervisory board, honorary tribunal.

The activity of the company is:

  • Connecting historians, other interested social scientists and lovers of history
  • Organization of consultations, lectures, presentation of publications
  • Supporting professional education and the scientific engagement of its members
  • Accelerating the research of Slovenian history, in particular the history of Celje and the Celje region
  • Studying theory of the profession and social sciences at all
  • Cooperation with history teachers and help in teaching history and other social subjects
  • Giving initiative and concrete engagement in the collection, preservation and presentation of cultural heritage
  • Drawing attention to the issues of preservation of cultural heritage
  • Cooperation and association with the Union of Historical Societies of Slovenia and with other related societies in Slovenia and abroad
  • Issuing a periodical professional publication naslov m
  • Publishing literary collection zg3